NBA2k18 badges guide

NBA2K18 has grabbed good reviews and one of the nicest things that you would love to do in this game is earning badges. This most realistic basket ball game NBA2K18 is one of the favourite for many of us and so knowing about the available badges would definitely be an interesting topic to look upon.

NBA2k18 badges guide

Badges in NBA2K18:

Badge acquiring helps the player through out the journey of the game. You can experience the badges feature in MyCareer mode of the game. The badges are divided as two, the first one is Personality Badges refers to the character’s reaction to a particular scenario inside the court. The other one namely Skills badges, determining a specific aspect in which a player is most adept at. They are further divided as Bronze, Silver and Gold with the total badges accounting to 55 in number.

Coming deep into the available badges,

Few of NBA2K18 Personality badges are Alpha Dog, Spark Plug, Enforcer, Championship DNA, Microwave and Expressive.  If we look at Alpha dog badge, it can be achieved when you obtain highest overall ranking for the team

Next comes Playmaking Badges and they are Dimer, Lob City Passer, Ankle Breaker, Flashy Passer and Pick and Roll Maestro. Have a look at Dimer badge which can achieved if you have 300 assists in 20 games. Defensive Badges are Pick Pocket and Hustle Rebounder.

The Scoring Badges are Acrobat, Tear Dropper, Relentless Finisher, Post Spin Technician, Drop Stepper and Dream. Coming to Outside Scoring badges are Corner Specialist, Mid-Range Deadeye, Limitless Range, Pick and Popper and Difficult Shots. NBA 2K18 Athletic Badges are Lob City Finisher, Posterizer, Brick Wall and One Man Fast Break.

Achieving these badges depends on few of your actions, some badges can be achieved only with a move or shot where as some badges will be complicated needs some guide to unlock.

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