NBA2K18 mypark

NBA2K18 mypark is one of the online mode available in the game which is indeed the popular one looked upon by NBA lovers. This online mode has been refreshed by 2K, in comparison to its previous NBA2K17 version. In this mode, you can take your character online to join any one of the available Mypark communities. Rivet City, Sunset Beach and Old Town are the three communities available online with each community having its own specialities. If you join a community, you would be earning special perks which helps you to play with others effectively.

NBA2K18 mypark

Let us have a look at Myparksecret badges which demands little bit of precision in order to acquire.

7 OH’s: If you acquire 50 highlight plays then you can get this badge and it tells that you are a highlight pay type of player who energizes your team mates.

GAME POINT: You can obtain this badge by grinding out game winning shots and it varies with each player.

IRON MAN: This badge acquired player spends less energy than other players in their athletic moves. If you want to dash through a drunk or do fast breaks, this badge comes handy as you rarely lose any energy when you acquire this IRON MAN badge. To acquire this badge is not all tat easy that you might think of, you got to play consistently and keep running out of energy 100 times.

BONE COLLECTOR:  Those player who acquires this most challenging badge BONE COLLECTOR gives ability to be a high level ball handler who breaks his defender’s ankles. You got to pull off 100 ankle breakers on Mypark mode in order to get this badge.

WINNERS ONLY: When you get this badge, your shots are accurate so that you can make those difficult shots at ease. Heat up 10 times to obtain this badge.

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